Kukla add French office to growing portfolio: the French Connection

Kukla Beverage Logistics has strengthened its European network through the opening of the new Kukla France office in Calais.

This is the latest development creating a comprehensive suite of greener intermodal transport solutions. The Kukla France office is headed by Managing Director, Tom Lokere, who brings a wealth of experience in transport & logistics, particularly rail freight.

Tom Lokere has a 26-year history of working in the sector and adds a fresh perspective that will give Kukla UK customers a wider range of solutions to counter ongoing market challenges.

Tom Lokere sees the new office as an important bridge between the UK and mainland Europe.

“The UK is a major market for European BWS (beer, wine and spirits) shipments, our office location is perfectly situated within Calais’ impressive rail, warehouse, ferry and transport infrastructure – ideal in supporting the development of bespoke solutions for our customers”.

In welcoming Tom Lokere, Kukla Beverage Logistics’ Managing Director, Steve Wood, emphasised the strengths that Kukla France will bring.

“In today’s market, supply chain stability is largely reliant on knowledge and experience, having our own set-up in Calais will enhance our connectivity, adding value and managing risk”

Tom Lokere, Managing Director for Kukla France