2021 End of Year Quiz answers

The quiz can be found here, and as promised, please find below the answers to the quiz

Kukla UK End of Year Quiz Answers


Q-In January 2021, the brand and website of UK department store Debenhams was acquired for £55 million by which online retailer?


Q-Who resigned as leader of the DUP in June after only 21 days in the post?

A-Edwin Poots

Q-The COP26 Climate Summit took place in Glasgow this month – what does the acronym COP stand for?

A-Conference of the Parties

Q-In March, who said this and about whom “I feel really let down because he’s been through something similar, he knows what pain feels like”?

A-Prince Harry about Prince Charles

Q-At which event in 2021 was the poem The Hill We Climb delivered and presented by it’s writer, youth poet laureate Amanda Gorman?

A-The Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden

Q-In October, rapper Kanye West legally changed his name to what after a Los Angeles court approved his application?


Q-Which two supermarkets went to war over a caterpillar cake?

A-Marks & Spencer and Aldi

Q-A new £50 banknote entered circulation featuring whose face on the reverse side to the Queen?

A-Alan Turing

Q-Glastonbury went virtual this year with fans able to join Live From Worthy Farm for online live performances. Which of these bands or artists did NOT appear?


Q-Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock resigns in June having been found to have broken his own rules governing social distancing – with which woman was he filmed not adhering to social distancing and which ultimately led to his resignation?

A-Gina Coladangelo


Q-What kind of paper, so called because it was originally made from hemp fibres from that part of the world, is named after the capital of an Asian city ?

A-Manila Paper

Q-Which fruit juice would you expect to find in the cocktail a Salty Dog?


Q-How many different individual flavours are there in the range of Quality Street chocolates?



Q-The Uber Cup is a major competition contested by women athletes in which sport?


Q-Who is the Six Nations’ all-time top try scorer with 26 tries?

A-Brian O’Driscoll

Q-Which Midlands-based football team became the first in the English Premier League to convert to an all-seater stadium in 1995?

A-Coventry City

Q-Dame Sarah Storey won a record-breaking 15th gold medal of her Paralympic career when she won the women’s individual C5 event in Tokyo. Between 1992-2004 she competed and won gold and silver medals in a different sport before switching to cycling – which sport?


Q-In April this year, who made sporting history by becoming the first female jockey to win the Grand National at Aintree?

A-Rachael Blackmore


Q-Who was the first woman to be paid $1m for a film role?

A-Meryl Streep – Out of Africa (1985)

Q-A Mercury Prize winning English alternative rock band from London, formed in 2010 and comprising Ellie, Joff, Theo and Joel – who are they?

A-Wolf Alice

Q-What is the name of the pub which plays a major role in a BBC drama set in Birmingham?

A-The Garrison

Q-In the film Shaun of the Dead, what’s the name of pub where to the survivors flee in order to escape the marauding masses of the zombie apocalypse?

A-The Winchester


Q-Name the F1 Circuit

A-Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal

Q-For which EFL Championship football team is this home ?


Q-Jean van de Velde blows the Open – Which course and which year?

A-Carnoustie in 1999

Q-Where in Europe is this stadium?


Q-Name the player

A-Ellen White

Q-Name the Olympian

A-Jade Jones

Q-Name the player

A-Jofra Archer

Q-Name the weightlifter

A-Laurel Hubbard

Q-Name the player

A-Leylah Annie Fernandez