We provide a comprehensive full suite of transport services, able to deal with one bottle, bulk, ISO, Flexi Tanks, right up to 20ft and 40ft containers.

Kukla Beverage Logistics is also part of a strong network of global partners who are beverage specialists.

This enables us to deal both with UK and cross trade, with customs and fiscal compliance ensured both at origin and UK.

Protection and temperature control solutions are an integral part of all our procedures.

Warehousing – B2B, B2C is also provided.


As your portal to the market, Kukla Beverage Logistics provide multi carrier and multi routing options.

Our years of experience in the business enables us to access established professional operators to facilitate your trade quickly and smoothly.

Our knowledge and expertise is also put to good use in order to manage your vessels and rail space together, along with any other equipment supply that may be needed.

We can also provide sample and promotion services for events, high-value and urgent shipments.

Our containers are transported by sea, road or rail as part of our network of global partnerships.

We have long-standing partnerships with all major shipping lines and are recognised as a beverage-only logistics provider.

This means that our containers of your wines, beers and spirits are handled with extra care through the supply chain.

As beverages are living products, we can guarantee that they will retain their original properties throughout the logistics chain.


As your portal to the market, we provide multi-carrier and multi routing options for our customers.

Our experience is put to use so you can access established, professional operators.

Kukla Beverages Logistics’ knowledge and expertise can manage your vessels and rail space along with any additional equipment supply.


Accurate and timely communication with our customers is at the very core of our service as a group.

Together with an agility to respond immediately to changing market conditions as they arise.

We also pride ourselves on our pro-active ‘can do approach’ to things.

This allows you to focus on the essentials of your business – producing, buying, selling and marketing your products.

You can rest safe in the knowledge that Kukla Beverage Logistics can take care of the rest for you and manage all the various logistics involved.


We provide a comprehensive full suite of transport services, be that for one bottle, bulk, ISO, Flexi Tanks right up to 20ft and 40ft containers.

We ensure consolidation of all products within our own warehouse network. We will collect your wines, beers and spirits for you, wherever they are made or stored, and consolidate them in a Kukla or partner’s warehouse.

As we only specialise in beverages, this ensures that no cross-contamination with other products can occur.

The products will then be placed in a container or trailer and delivered to their destinations, wherever those may be.

This process is easily facilitated as we are part of a strong network of beverage specialist global partners.

Both UK and cross trade provisions are in place, along with customs and fiscal compliance both at origin and in the UK.

Protection and temperature control solutions are an integral part of our operations.

Warehousing – B2B, B2C is provided, along with promotions logistics and urgent shipments as follows:

  • Deep sea
  • Short sea
  • Crosstrades
  • Food grade, refrigerated and insulated container services
  • Road
  • Rail
  • Promotional sample logistics
  • White glove and high-end logistics


Do you want to move large volumes of your product and manage all aspects of the logistics involved with one partner?

Whether you are a major brand or a niche market retailer looking for such a solution, the storage and distribution of beverages always pose an unique set of challenges, not least the temperature control factor involved.

One of the innovations introduced by Kukla Beverage Logistics is full temperature control visibility during the supply chain process for all products.

This real time visibility is particularly appreciated by our customers.

As part of this, a complete supply chain support of ambient and temperature controlled services for the drinks industry is available for all clients.

This can be either for clients looking to import products from global markets or for those clients looking to sell their products around the world.

Kukla Beverage Logistics operates a fleet of over 1,100 reefer trailer units for cross border trucking services on top of its global air and sea freight service capabilities, and its road, rail and multi modal transportation reach.