Kukla Beverage Logistics’ USP

Kukla Beverage Logistics’ USP is in providing specialised bulk beverage solutions for customers looking to move their products worldwide.

As one of the leading logistics companies in liquid bulk products, we can provide bespoke tank logistics services for the drink sector. This includes offering worldwide asset and non-asset based solutions and also the ability to provide availability with short notice.

Kukla Beverage Logistics also brings all the advantages of bulk transportation to low volume drink producers by offering tanks with separate compartments/chambers.

Quality control is of the utmost importance to Kukla Beverage Logistics and these tanks have been specifically designed with beverage producers in mind. This quality control is further augmented by on-site technical support.

We also provide the option for the additional fittings of a Thermoliner, for additional insulation perfect for temperature sensitive beverages

Deepsea and shortsea shipping

Kukla understands the unique requirements of transporting drink and beverage products in bulk:

Road tanker with multi compartments all over Europe

Our road transportation services are at the centre of our bulk transportation solutions.

Kukla is recognised as the leading service provider of single and multi compartment road tanker services across Europe. We have the knowledge and experience to provide the right road transport solutions to suit your needs.

Kukla specialises in being able to use split compartment tanks that are used for wine in single and multi-tanks at 20k, 24k, 25k, 26k and 31k sizes, with road tankers ranging from 25-30k with different chambers ideal for smaller producers or buyers who want to try a new product before committing to large volumes.