Information updated 23 January 2023


Due to high winds in Rotterdam, operations have been reduced recently. Some delays have occurred with the vessels departing for the UK, however the team are monitoring the situation closely and will advice of any delays as necessary. (23 January)


Kukla is monitoring the potential strike planned in France for 26 January and taking steps to minimise any disruptions to the transit times. While delays out of Calais and Dunkerque are expected if the strike goes ahead, we are exploring alternative routes to ensure that shipments arrive on time. (23 January)


Departures may be affected in Portugal due to regular Monday and Friday strikes announced during January. Additionally, bad weather is causing some delays. (23 January)

Australia and New Zealand

Both Australia and New Zealand are experiencing port omission issues, and some orders may be slightly delayed. (23 January)

South Africa

There is currently limited availability of reefers. (23 January)

South America

Kukla is still monitoring the weather, which has been improving. Our Deep Sea team will advise anyone whose orders may be affected by delays in the estimated departure time. (23 January)

France – distribution

UPDATE: Due to the National Day of Action in France on 19 January, port operations were suspended between 08:00 and 17:00. Kukla team will update any customers who have been affected by this. (20 January)

The National Day of Action in France today, Thursday 19 January, may cause disruption to outlets and services across France and which could also effect intra-European movements to and from neighboring countries.

Our team is closely monitoring the situation and will be in touch if any orders have been severely impacted.

However if you do have any concerns or require specific updates, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Kukla or Kukla Commercial


Weather conditions in Spain are causing some delays.

South America

The weather is closely monitored in South America too. Due to the potential impact on shipping schedules, there may be delays in the estimated departure time. Our Deep Sea team is working to minimise any disruptions and will advise customers if required.