Introducing Steve Wilson

We’re very happy to announce the appointment of our new colleague, Steve Wilson, as Senior Customs Division Manager, who joined our Customs Division in Folkestone on February 1st.

Steve comes with a 30-year wealth of experience in managing the challenges, changes and complexities of the UK Customs system. Steve will not only support the already strong pool of knowledge held by Martin Jacobs and the existing team in Folkestone, but will help train and assist younger team members in the highly specialist field of HMRC and the development of our business in this crucial area.

Steve commented “I’m very pleased to be a part of the Kukla Team here at Folkestone. We’re at a time when being prepared, prior to shipment of any order, with the correct paperwork and administration of customs requirements has never been more important. We can help our clients with that understanding, to achieve smooth passage of all orders in what is an increasing complex mechanism. I’m here to help deliver that and hopefully a bit more to bring to the team here.”

Kukla Customs Division Director, Martin Jacobs, commented “It’s great to have someone of Steve’s experience and calibre in this highly specialist field joining us. The changes which came in January, specifically the introduction of Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS), took a while to bed down in the first few weeks of the year whilst we helped customers manage the new processes. Our commitment was essentially to offer as much protection to our client’s business and minimising delays. With Steve here to help grow our service offering here at Folkestone and helping younger colleagues to develop and learn from his experience and knowledge, we look forward to taking this team to the next level.

Steve Wilson
Kukla French Division Team
(Left to right – Alex Weller-Lodge, Liam Jacobs, Darren Allison, Sadie Cole)
Kukla Customs Division Team
(Left to right – Maddie Byrne, Olivia King, Ruby Featherbe-Nejad, Graeme Denman, Joe Morley
Front row – Georgina Riley, Rhianna Jacobs, Steve Wilson)