South Africa Update March 2022

South African ports have certainly had several challenges over the past few years with Cape Town still experiencing delays of up to 14 days. Berth line-up has been impacted by continuous wind stoppages and to a degree, labour shortages and equipment issues.

Working closely with our agent partner, KUKLA UK, has ensured that we offer a premium service with focus not only on the supply chain dynamic but on the customer dynamic. We understand that the challenges we were faced with at the onset of COVID, and even before, have escalated. Together we are working to do what we can to lessen the impact on the customer and the supply chain.

Together we have built a reputation for our ability to manoeuvre outside of the box in solution management.  We make informed decisions swiftly to ensure our clients receive the full benefit of a positive customer experience during extremely trying times.

Creating a network of likeminded people with the same passion for customer service has been key to our development.  This includes our first-class bulk wine flexi service from South Africa to the UK and other regions.  Initiating platforms for innovation and aligning with the right partners has meant we can offer a bulk service, with specialised reinforcing when required,  loading in Cape Town and shipping from any port in South Africa.  In so doing, we have been able to mitigate the lack of vessel availability on some routes out of Cape Town as well as the shortage of quality containers available for exports.

In closing: cargo is in high demand, and we still have to deal with global port delays.  We expect to see capacity remaining severely constrained on the Europe and the Mediterranean services into and out of South Africa.  However, we remain positive and committed to building a network that drives customer service.