What you need to pay the most attention to in 2022

As we turn our attention to the new year and what me might receive in 2022 The Buyer’s Richard Siddle looks outside the drinks industry for inspiration and what is going to influence the drinks, retail and hospitality sectors in the year ahead.

Bulk and supply chain solutions

Knowing how to source the right volumes of wine from the right countries is going to be even more important in 2022.

Arguably the biggest headache for importers in 2021 was simply getting wine to the UK such were the enormous supply chain, shipping and logistics issues around the world. It meant lead times for wine shipments were being stretched by four to eight weeks on average.

Knowing how to get round those supply chain issues will be a major advantage going into 2022.

Expect to see more bespoke bulk wine projects where smaller operators with the right commercial international contacts will be able to source wine they can offer customers for one off, exclusive parcels and brand projects.

Deals usually done in the corridors of ProWein and Dusseldorf or the World Bulk Wine Exhibition are now being picked up enterprising wine consultants with the right contacts in the right countries.

Matching those contacts with the suppliers with the right routes to market are going to become even more essential in the year ahead when the supply of wine from key countries is going to be in even shorter supply.

It will also open up more opportunities for restaurant and pub groups and specialist retailers to source direct from the most connected brokers and consultants in the business. You don’t need a big fancy London office to impress potential customers any more. Simply a smartphone with the right producers’ numbers in it.