November Update


The Christmas delivery period is now in full swing and supply chain issues still reflect the increasing pressures faced by suppliers and importers. The short-term issues have morphed into longer-term concerns among importers and there is no sight of an end to the increasing costs now associated with container shipping. Read more here.

New Zealand wine exports have grown 9% on 2020 figures. Read more here.

Freight Update

Environmental Concerns

The industry view is that global production is expected to be down as consumption increases as expected. This will likely result in further supply concerns continuing into 2022. Read more here.

Brexit Feedback

The National Audit Office has reported that Brexit has caused a £17bn loss of trade between the UK and EU in three months. Read more here.

Disrupted Supply Chain Threat

Supply chains continue to be the main cause for concern as the global recovery continues. Read more here.

Road Freight (Europe)

Prime Minister underlines commitment to better transport connections between Wales and rest of the UK. Read more here.

European road freight is undergoing a dramatic change caused by not only the shortage of HGV drivers in mainland Europe and the UK, but also with the growing process of digitalisation. The recovery is in full swing but so is the change to new practices and operations. Read more here.

Sea Freight (Europe)

Freight rates may have peaked for now and be coming down from their all-time highs. Freight rate normalisation will take 18-30 months. Read more here.

Containerised freight costs are expected to remain high, and are likely to lead to increased consumer pricing. Read more here.

An interesting report this month on container freight rates from Drewry’s. Read more here.

Rail Freight (Europe)

The decreasing number of HGV drivers in Italy has prompted a new Italian rail service aimed at developing a more sustainable logistics chain for rail containers. Read more here.

The Lord Mayor’s Show

Chris Porter reports on this year’s event. Read more here.

Anti-Slavery and Environmental Policies

Kukla Beverage Logistics has a new anti-slavery and environmental policy. Our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy Statement is an important document and outlines our stance on this issue.

At Kukla Beverage Logistics we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and our key performance indicators are based on delivering performance in compliance with environmental regulations and objectives. Our latest policy document outlines our current position.