November Current Situation

The Christmas delivery period is now in full swing and supply chain issues still reflect the increasing pressures faced by suppliers and importers. The short-term issues have morphed into longer-term concerns among importers and there is no sight of an end to the increasing costs now associated with container shipping. This means the mid-to-long term outlook remains a disrupted one for the beverage sector.

Supply chains are returning to some semblance of normality although the pandemic will see operational changes brought about by a re-examination of operations. The associated issues of HGV diver shortages and new pandemic restrictions will play out over the next few months.

The Kukla Beverage Logistics Customs Division in Folkestone is concentrated at this time on supply chain issues that still include Covid-19 related matters.

Talk in the UK of driver shortages has faded from the mainstream news but still represent a concern for supply chains and remains an ongoing issue and one that does affect our customers. Recent comments from Italian wine exporters suggest the lack of HGV drivers remains the biggest concern.