October Update


The ongoing situation affecting HGV drivers and the freight rates for container shipping remain the two most pressing issues affecting the beverage sector, whilst the other big issue for UK retailers is the recent fuel and driver shortage that is having a strong impact on the retail sector. Read more here

Freight Update

Road Freight (Europe)

The latest figures still look gloomy for driver shortages with almost 76,000 drivers short compared to previous years in the UK. Read more here

An update from Unite as they remain frustrated and call for strikes that will severely disrupt the Christmas supply chain. Read more here

Sea Freight (Europe)

Port congestion is causing more problems for the global supply chain and threatening Christmas deliveries. Read more here.

A positive result to come out of shipping problems 2021 is the acceleration to decarbonise the shipping industry sooner. Read more about it here.

Shippers are being offered space on sailings for which cargo may only arrive at the original destination port several weeks after the advertised date. Read more here.

Shippers in the UK are facing a significant rise in costs, as the container haulage business becomes increasingly chaotic. Read more here.

Government Post-Brexit Changes

The government has announced there will be a further delay to a number of post-Brexit border controls due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more here

Rail Freight (Europe)

How the shift to railways is keeping supply chains on track. Read more here.

Rail Freight provides solutions for HGV driver shortage, however the challenges from UK port congestion remains. Read more here.

UK agrees Historic trade deal with New Zealand

Prime Minister seals free trade deal with New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern. Boost to British exporters and small businesses as both countries ditch tariffs and cut red tape. Read more here

Down under and looking up

The recent Free Trade Agreement between the UK and Australia will hopefully see a reduction in costs for importers and greater choice. Read more here

Alcohol Budget Update

As announced during Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s budget, alcohol taxes have been cut in a major change. The good news comes in the form of a change to how drinks are taxed, based on the strength of alcohol content, the system is designed to be more simple and fairer than it previously had been. Read more here.